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The Chicago Mainliner Club is part of United Airlines and is a non-for-profit employee social club. We facilitate discounts for various events around the Chicago area, organize employee functions and sell United Airlines merchandise with the intention of promoting employee morale and Unity. We are United Mainliner, and we proudly welcome Continental Airlines to our Club. In addition, employees of Alliant Credit Union are also considered members of the Chicago Mainliner Club and are eligible to participate in all events, activities, and discounts.

In 1939, William A (Pat) Patterson, then President and founder of United Airlines, asked Zay Smith to organize a company picnic and a Christmas dance. Zay enlisted a few of his fellow employees, and the social club they formed became the Mainliner Club. As United's route system expanded, so did the network of Mainliner Clubs. Their purpose now, as was then, is primarily to serve the social and recreational needs of United and Alliant employees and their families. To that end, Clubs plan, organize and conduct or sponsor sports events, dinner dances, summer picnics, group outings and so forth. ....Beyond the enjoyment these activities bring to Club members, they inevitably lead to heightened feelings of camaraderie among employees and of community among Clubs.

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