O'Hare Mainliner store is closed for remodeling. Our store in the reservations center/inflight training center is still open, M-F, 11am-2:30p

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Chicago Mainliner Club

The Chicago Mainliner Club is part of United Airlines and is a non-for-profit employee social club. We facilitate discounts for various events around the Chicago area, organize employee functions and sell United Airlines merchandise with the intention of promoting employee morale and Unity. We are United Mainliner, and we proudly welcome Continental Airlines to our Club. In addition, employees of Alliant Credit Union are also considered members of the Chicago Mainliner Club and are eligible to participate in all events, activities, and discounts. 


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Please Note: The O’Hare employee cafeteria (Mainliner store is located within) is closed for remodeling. During this time you can still shop at our store located in the reservations center inflight training center, Monday thru Friday 11a to 2:30p.

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Calendar of upcoming Mainliner events

2024 United Calendars available for purchase, mailed to you

Softball tournament pics

Thanks to everyone for participating! Click pictures to enlarge.

Volunteers Needed!

Chicago Mainliner is a volunteer-based organization, and we need more volunteers so we can keep offering events.

Every person helps, even if it's an hour a week! If you're interested, please submit your name and email and we'll be in touch shortly.