Scholarship Winners


Congratulations to the 2020 Mainliner Club Scholarship Winners!

Karina Pagan, Daughter of Karina Pagan, CHIAK – Attending DePaul University, Studying Health Science

Anna Sauter, Daughter of Brian Sauter, ORDFOO – Attending The University of St. Thomas, Studying Business Administration

Allison White, Daughter of Neil White, ORDFO – Attending The University of Missouri, Studying Business

Emily Trzmielewski, Daughter of Anna Trzmielewski, ORDOZ – Attending The University of Illinois, Chicago Studying Psychology

Haley Steinberg, Daughter of Michael Steinberg, CHIDD – Attending McHenry County College, Studying Business

Nicoletta Salvatore, Granddaughter of Dean Hackenberg, ORDMM – Attending Lewis University, Studying Aviation Administration

Angelica Juliano, Daughter of Francisco Juliano, ORDCG – Attending Loyola University, Chicago Studying Nursing

Jack Kenny Son of Traci Kenny, CHIDD – Attending Iowa State University, Studying Chemical Engineering

Claire Miller, Daughter of Rodney Miller, ORDFO – Attending Miami University, Studying Supply Chain and Operations Management

Ellie Carrier, Daughter of Jamie Carrier, CHIDD – Attending Illinois State University, Studying Business Administration

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